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Referrals and Second Opinions


There may be occasions when your pet requires referral to a more specialised centre.  Referral Practices can often offer much more sophisticated treatment options than general practitioners as they will have a wealth of skill, expertise, experience and more advanced equipment.  Referral disciplines include: Orthopaedics, Opthalmology, Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging.  We are extremely fortunate to be within an hour's drive of several excellent Referral Centres across the Midlands region.

If your pet requires referral, the Vet will discuss all of the options, including obtaining estimates of costs, prior to sending your pet's history.

Pet owners with Insurance may need to check with their Insurance Provider prior to referral and may be required to submit a pre-authorisation or attend a specific referral Practice.    

Second Opinions

Sometimes, as pet owners, we do not always agree with the diagnosis, prognosis or treatment options offered to our pet.  In these circumstances, some clients may choose to request a second opinion.

Second Opinions can be provided internally, by a different Vet in the same Practice, or externally, at a completely different Practice.  

It is in your pet's best interests for the Vet who is providing a second opinion to have full access to any previous clinical history or diagnostic test results prior to examination.  This ensures that the Vet does not unnecessarily repeat tests that have already been carried out, and gives an indication for deterioration or improvement in clinical symptoms.  Formal consent for your pet's history to be transferred between Practices is required.  

Seeking a second opinion does not mean that you will no longer be registered with a Practice, unless you choose to transfer