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Petplan Veterinary Awards 2017.

Well, we've certainly started the year with a bang!  The Practice has had a bumper crop of nominations for this years Veterinary Awards, with nominations for the Practice as a whole, as well as individual nominations for our vets Fintan Farrelly, Catherine Morgan and Monika Michalska, our Head Nurse, Kimberley Underhill and last but not least, our daytime Receptionist, Louise Cartwright.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank clients who have nominated us, as it is an anonymous Award and we never know which of you have put our names forward.


During the summer months our pets face significant risks as a result of the increased temperatures. Pavements and road surfaces can become too hot or sticky, leading to heat and chemical burns on delicate pads. High temperatures and exercise do not mix when one is wearing a permanent fur coat so we would always recommend walking your dogs in the coolest part of the day and avoiding running and chasing games. Provide plenty of shaded areas in the garden for both dogs and cats to relax in.  A paddling pool is a fun way of keeping your dog cooled down.  Make sure there is plenty of fresh water - some pets will even like to play with ice cubes.  A fan can help keep pets cool indoors, as long as cables are kept out of reach.  And, of course, NEVER leave a pet unattended in a car.  

Puppy and Kitten Packages

The Practice is offering Puppy and Kitten Packages for Primary Vaccinations and Neutering.  There will a fixed fee, payable at the time of Primary Vaccine, for a package that includes the full primary vaccination course and neutering within the first 12mths of age, which will include a discount in relation to our individual prices.  Packages start from £70 for a male cat up to £150 for a female dog.  Terms and Conditions apply.  Please contact us for further details.

Pet Care Plan

This is a scheme enabling clients to budget monthly for all of their pet’s regular healthcare needs. For a monthly fee, paid by direct debit, your cat, dog or rabbit will benefit from two 6-monthly health checks, vaccinations and a year’s worth of flea and worm treatment for cats and dogs, and worm and fly treatment for rabbits.

By joining the plan, clients can also benefit from a 10% reduction on all other practice services, including surgical fees (neutering, dental treatment, lump removal and x-rays), pet food - including prescription diets - and kennel cough vaccinations for dogs.

Please contact us for further details.


Other news

Dog neutering

Have you had your puppy vaccinated with us? Then we have a great offer just for you! Details can be found under Special offers.